Individual Guidance and Support ~ through private meetings and written exchanges

My path is such that my entire Life is dedicated to Truth ~ to the unravelling of my personal story, and the Surrender to my Self. I am also deeply immersed in my own healing journey, so you can be sure that I apply everything that I share. You will have my full attention, care, and support. Together we will create a deeply held and sacred space for you to open, inquire, and surrender …


What you can expect:

~  A held and safe space for venturing into the wounded and contracted parts of yourself

~  Guidance for navigating your inner landscape, no matter how rough the terrain

~ Clarification, healing, & resolve


I am not interested in telling you what you want to hear, or helping you to get what you want, whether that be happiness, success, or enlightenment. I am only here to support you to live more truly according to the path of your Soul, and on your part this means the willingness to let go of what needs to go and to face what needs to be faced.

There is always a greater surrender and a greater honesty waiting to happen, and when we find ourselves feeling stuck or in suffering, it is simply an invitation into a deeper letting go.


This is not a path of acquisition, this is a path of great loss ~ a path where everything you thought you were and thought you wanted is thrown to the wind, because you recognise that you are not who you think you are and what you want is irrelevant to who you truly are.


These meetings are suitable for you if:

~  You are no longer looking for relief or a quick fix.

~  You have recognised (or are fast approaching the recognition) that you are not who you appear to be ~ ‘someone’ here, to ‘live a life’, according to what their ‘someone’ thinks s/he wants.

~  You are ready to let Go and let God and have recognised that seeking outside yourSelf for happiness, or navigating your existence according to the avoidance of pain, is not only futile but simply no longer an option.

~  You are ready for a greater honesty, even if it hurts, and you are ready to take the necessary steps to make the changes (both within and without, since there is no separation) that are being invited for transformation to happen.

~  Ultimately, you are ready and willing to let go of anything and everything standing between you and your Self.


If this resonates with you, then I can say that this is the path I am walking, and through our meetings we can sit in this Living Truth together. I am not here to be your teacher or counsellor, but I can stand in Truth with you and act as:


a Mirror ~ to reflect your own process,
a Witness ~ to hold in Presence that which is challenging,
and a Catalyst ~ to inspire true movement.


Through our meetings, you are being invited into the Loving Presence that is required to Live Truly, and if there is anything that you need to see then this can happen through your ever-growing honesty and your willingness to take Full Responsibility.

I do not adhere to any fixed teaching, practice, structure or technique. Our meetings happen according to complete spontaneity, intuitive wisdom, and surrender to how Life wants to dance.

You are welcome to come with a clear idea of what you would like to explore or how you would like to be supported. However, simply feeling a resonance and a call to work in this way is more than sufficient.


Interactions can happen in the following ways:


These can happen in person (I am currently road tripping through the USA!) or via Skype.
A typical meeting calls for both dialogue and silence.
This is a meeting of Souls.

Exchange: $65 for a one hour meeting and payments are made in advance via Paypal. If it becomes clear after the first meeting that further meetings would be beneficial, then I offer a discount when you purchase three meetings together.

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting, with possible times you are available, and also your timezone.



I am happy to interact via email through the get in touch page on my website, and certainly no exchange is expected for this. However, if you would like to enter into a deeper written exchange, where your inquiries are explored in detail, then I find that the act of writing and the written word are powerful and concrete ways for self investigation to unfold.

Exchange: $35 for three emails back and forth ~ three written by you and three responses from me ~ to be completed within a 4 week period.

Payments are made in advance via Paypal. Please get in touch to arrange this.


I look forward to hearing from you. For more about my journey, please read the about page, and if you have any further questions, or would like to arrange a meeting, please get in touch.

With Love,


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