I Am You

162ed63a845fb5145948aae23212d042There she is, this Human Being of mine …

She stands, wavering in the mist, reaching for that kiss, from Life, from Me, to soothe her weary tears.

With images of God and Sage and Bliss, I looked away from her rugged hands, creased brow, and stifled sigh.

I climbed Mountains, forged paths through forests, and gave my Life to This.

This onward movement, this onward pull, into the eternity of the promise of mySelf.

And yet, there she is,
unfaltering in her Reality.
Maybe this is what it’s all about?
To fall so deeply into Love with Her,
that God can know Her as my very Self.


And there she stands in the hazy fog of my refusal.
Somehow, somewhere, she got lost.
But she does not disappear.
Out of reach maybe, outside of perception,
and yet within Existence her Reality does not die.
And somewhere in that hand shake with Life, she will not let me deny or forget …
HERE YOU ARE she says!

Can you not see the utter perfection with which I have crafted every line and planted every hair?
For lifetimes I have been moulding you into the perfect image of mySelf.
Into the eternal night I weave your stories,
so that I may stagger down cobbled lanes,
into the Heart of the One who opens herSelf to me.

You paint my face upon walls, and sculpt my body upon altars, with hollow seeking eyes.
Meanwhile, I peek through the holes and roll down the tears of your emptiness, hoping that you’ll let me into fill that void and restore the twinkle in your eyes.

I have no interest in your praise or worship.
Your reaching out, your yearning, your seeking, are all ways you keep me away.

I am that tear,
I am that twinkle,
and I Am You.



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