Dancing with the Plant Devas

In communing with medicinal plants, and in the meeting with the Plant Devas, we must exercise great presence, discernment, and awareness. The slightest lack of humility or lapse into compulsion – into using Her Gifts – can quickly slip into abuse, and before you know it you are in troubled waters. Our systems are not yet ready to handle consistent use of such potent medicine. Indeed, any medicine should be used sparingly. The moment it reaches saturation point, its true value is lost.

When the Deva descends, she brings with her Great Wisdom. It can be said that each Plant Deva comes with a specific set of teachings and unlocks a specific frequency in creation. However, until these frequencies are realised and integrated, our nervous systems are not yet wired for the magnitude of these higher vibrations. Curiosity or a sense of adventure are in no way sufficient to qualify for such a meeting. It is She who opens the doors to such an experience and we must therefore tread with great care … only heeding to a real and genuine call from the Deva HerSelf. 

Dependency is subtle and insidious and even harder to detect when working with a Deva, since all we see are her blessings! Nevertheless, know that her greatest teachings come when you refuse to attach to the state that she reveals. The moment that you grasp and insist on repetition, then you create imbalance – for no state in the spectrum should be favoured over another. Besides, our systems cannot handle the full force of sustained exposure to a state it is not yet able to integrate. The body-mind pays the price of mindless use, and the undeveloped parts of us that stand as obstacles to actually stabilise these states will be left to stagnate in the shadows. After all, it would only be the motivation to avoid our habitual state of consciousness that would cause us to repeatedly escape to a higher vibration.

To work with a Plant Deva in full integrity, requires respect and loyalty to the process she unfolds. Her most auspicious entry is into a context that has prepared the ground for such a meeting, and which will follow up on everything that is shown. The moment we act outside of this impeccability, we are inviting forces we are not yet ready for. Don’t underestimate the transmission she bestows and how easily such a transmission can distort if it’s not able to be received in the proper way.

One plant medicine, which shall remain unnamed, springs to mind. When one is not properly initiated into her ways, they can be easily misconstrued. One of the gifts she bestows is a penetrating gaze into the heart of the shadows. She lifts the veil somewhat ruthlessly, in a way where we get to see the full extent to which our conditioning is running the show. However, for the one who does not understand this, or who is not yet ready to hold such a seeing in the full light of presence, then it can seem like a cruel revelation. She will disclose every dark corner of the psyche, revealing all tricks and traps; but for the one who’s not ready, this can seem like a horror show that plays straight into the hands of self loathing and criticism. Identification is key here of course, since it’s our identification with what we see that can easily distort clear-seeing into paranoia.

Another key that she offers is that of Relaxation. The frequency she holds is of a deep letting go into the full power of her Relaxation – a force that penetrates every cell, pulling it deeper and deeper into Matter (Mother). Again, when handled with care, she can open this door for us in a way where we really get to taste, and then integrate, this reality. However, the moment we attach to this state, then we tip the scales in favour of a state that makes us ineffective in our living lives and that can easily distort into carelessness and negligence. Interestingly (although not surprisingly), frequent and dependent users of this master medicine are those who find it difficult to relax, and thus it becomes a crutch and a short cut to the very aspect of consciousness that’s in need of cultivation.

Just like Newton’s Law in Physics, the Law of Karma states that every action shall experience an equal and opposite reaction. What goes up must come down, and such short cuts hold a price. These Devas offer powerful invitations into aspects of Reality beyond our current reach. Therefore their gifts can both enrich and corrupt. Like anything, it all comes down to the relationship we have with what we commune with, and just because we are dancing with a Deva does not eliminate this sobering reality.





She Speaks

452813c1665222b7538848176a8160ddNature Speaks.
She has Secrets, and she wants you to know,
She is resurrecting.

Through whatever crack is available to her,
Like the flower bursting through concrete,
She will rise,
Because She is You.

She rises with a silent fury,
Loved by few,
Feared by many.
Her love destroys
With great accuracy
All that is not held
In the full integrity of Her.

Nothing that is You
That is Her
Can die in her Fire.

And if you dare to venture
Through the undergrowth of Her
She’ll rip those clothes off your back
And smear her clay upon your face.

Hair tangled
Eyes streaming
Mouth cackling.
She is wild and relentless,
And dances only
For wind and rain.

I’m ready Ma,
Ready for your unrelenting passion,
Ready for everything
I pushed deep
Into your soil.

Every ghost and ghoul,
Spider and beetle,
I welcome
It all.

Embroil me in your web
And eat me for breakfast
For there is nothing
I Am Not

Nothing that I Am
That is You
Can die in your clutch.