Shakti bows to Shiva


Their eyes lock. Universes collide.
Everything she IS, she gives.
A firework display of shooting stars and supernovas dance across the still pools of his gaze.
Comets, meteors, and asteroids spring forth from her Being, an alluring dance of colour and light,
Yet still, he remains unstirred.

Their gaze deepens, and as it does, so does his Silence.
Burning with the fury of the one who remains unseen, unnoticed, she meets him in that Silence.
Her Being expands to the size of the Universe.
She is both Space and the Life dancing in that Space. Both matter and anti-matter. Both dark and light.
And yet, and yet, he disappears beyond her view. A disappearance of such great proportion, that no matter where she looks, she cannot find him, cannot see him, unmoving in the spaceless space beyond her perception.

Fury rises.
How could he leave her?
She rises as the entire cosmos,
Breath taking in her beauty
Untameable in her power
Insatiable in her love
And still, he chooses this?

Oceans rise, as the tears begin to roll and pour,
As her pulse quickens,
volcanoes rumble and spew,
as the fire in her Being burns every brighter.

And then, in a moment of unutterable grace,
she learns the movement he has made.
Not from Grace,
but from the throne
of her Kingdom
of Life.

She sees the storm she has created,
and the hands that work this storm,
like the hands of a puppeteer.
Swords strike forth from her Heart cutting the hands of this one.
Only Space remains,
as the silent eye of this storm consumes her.

A relief she knew not that she craved
Release from the very breath that sustains her
An exhale into Nothing …



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