Ode to Ma

Again and again I break and I break, unwinding, reminding what I hold, what I think I need, like butter, I melt, in your heat

And I dive, deep into your ravines, caring not for the mud that flies in my eyes
Diving diving deep into you Ma, penetrating your depths

Un-peel me.

I laugh heart’s laughter, she quakes me in my boots, Ma. Ha!
Your heart’s chuckle moves Mountains in my deep

Rhythms abound in your chest, pounding my door,
She bangs, I plead, open, open, open

Crying. Tears falling down your streams, rolling down my cheeks, falling off your

Boooom. She Shakes, Me, to, My, Core.
Don’t move.
Breathe … hear her silent boom – through you she moves, like Silence Roars

FALL. Drop, dropping into you I drop
I hear you Ma, I feel you in my depths, pulsating like honey,
like wine

Running, running, running through the streets for you, shouting your name, I die, I die
For you,
I die

And just when,
It seems like,
No more bones can break
You snap me like a porcelain doll, upon the mantle piece of my soul,
Smashing into smithereens,
My eyes close and, all I see, is You

Praise, praise, praise be your name Ma
You know just how to raise, my game
God’s Game
Your divine mischief is the unknowable mystery, of my Heart
I bow, a thousand bows to your shining Sun, winking Star, beaming Moon

Unfurl me like petals blown in the wind
Unclose me like Pandora’s box
Unfold my folds like Flowers opening to, Bees prying tongues
Eat me whole, and inside out, I melt into nectar for you. I’m pollen for your toes

Eye lids close, darkness brings shadows and spiders and ghosts – all your making my love
All this,
I embrace
All this you are,
I am

Never turning from that twinkle in your eye that glints in every stream and winks in every cloud
Feed me the rain drops of your eyes and shower me in hail stone kisses
I lie in your reeds, writhing upon your naked earth my dear. Fingers splayed and lips curled
You undo me

Did you hear my scream, running feet, haunting your name with my speech?
I see you. Everywhere. I look.
I see you
I see you
I Be You



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