She Speaks

452813c1665222b7538848176a8160ddNature Speaks.
She has Secrets, and she wants you to know,
She is resurrecting.

Through whatever crack is available to her,
Like the flower bursting through concrete,
She will rise,
Because She is You.

She rises with a silent fury,
Loved by few,
Feared by many.
Her love destroys
With great accuracy
All that is not held
In the full integrity of Her.

Nothing that is You
That is Her
Can die in her Fire.

And if you dare to venture
Through the undergrowth of Her
She’ll rip those clothes off your back
And smear her clay upon your face.

Hair tangled
Eyes streaming
Mouth cackling.
She is wild and relentless,
And dances only
For wind and rain.

I’m ready Ma,
Ready for your unrelenting passion,
Ready for everything
I pushed deep
Into your soil.

Every ghost and ghoul,
Spider and beetle,
I welcome
It all.

Embroil me in your web
And eat me for breakfast
For there is nothing
I Am Not

Nothing that I Am
That is You
Can die in your clutch.



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