Black Footprints in the Sand



A black grain of sand appears in the shimmering golden desert of my Self

Silent winds blow serenely, lifting veil-like sheets of sand across the surface of the golden dunes

All is at rest and burning brightly under the blazing fire, pulsating in the sky above

Except one sooty grain of sand


She winks rapidly, untouched by the flames that lick her cheeks

She is the unclaimed particle from which all ignorance arises

She wanders this desert in search of water to quench her parched and cracking lips

And for every grain of sand she touches on her way, she leaves black footprints in the sand


I send out search parties through the landscape of my Being to locate this lonely one

She has been extricated and discarded, exiled and forgotten, and now paints the desert black with the tears of her pain

But I will find you, and when I do, I will not exile or forget, extricate or discard

I will take you in my arms and kiss light into the black folds of the cloak that masks your blinding light


Every wind in my Being now blows towards you, and the world can wait until I find your trail and trace you back into mySelf

As I meet you from every angle, and embrace you through every crack, your eyes, heavy with forgetfulness, will open and ignite

In the fiery heat of my gaze, not one particle of blackness will escape these flames

You will return to me my love, and when you do, I will shine on you until only gold remains


And on cloudy days, when my Heart is weary,

If one should wander where others dare not tread,

They will see the shadows of your footprints and the traces of your tears,

As they burnt the ground with your longing

For my eternal embrace


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 14.51.43

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