True Healing

Relative Healing vs True Healing

Relative Healing brings that which is out of balance back into an organic flow of harmony and wholeness and can occur with great success whilst leaving the core construct of a ‘person’ relatively intact. This is when healing is approached by ‘someone’ (the separated self) to ‘get something’ (an improved experience).

As long as the core construct of the person is left in place, the root of all issues and ailments remains untouched, because actually all issues are rooted in the person, which exists as a conditioned web of identity rooted in fear, perceiving itself to be separate from Source.

For True Healing to be the case, then the very root of suffering (which is the personal identity) must be resolved and dissolved into Source. True Healing therefore happens WITHIN and DUE TO the Full Embrace of Truth. This includes the embrace of your Self across all dimensions of Reality ~ from Absolute, across Heart, and deeply into the Human / Body / Earth ~ as the very integration and incarnation of Truth into Form.


What remains is not trans-human, but the purity of the True Human dancing as the Absolute through and as Creation.


The 5 Keys to True Healing

(a brief and by no means comprehensive summary, but nevertheless that which has consistently shown itself (at least to this one) to be utterly essential)

1. Dedication (to Truth)

When you align with Truth, which means to say that this becomes the one-pointed focus of your existence, then everything else within that begins to align itself.

When every move you make arises from this Dedication to Truth, then everything that needs to be seen is seen, everything that needs to be released is released, and everything that needs to be healed is healed – because when you align yourself with Truth, you align yourself with the true purpose of your existence and you begin to unravel and undo the root cause of your suffering, which is the belief in yourself as a separate identity.

So before any move is made, root yourself in this Dedication. Let this become that which moves you.

Integrity is Key and the foundation for Living Truly. Allow your Dedication to bring everything that has anything to do with you into this alignment.

2. Honesty

This requires that you take a deep and honest look at yourself and to ACKNOWLEDGE ~ through Profound Honesty ~ that which you un-cover.

At your core, you may be whole and complete, but the Reality is that your whole existence is rooted in the belief that you are a person, and the web of this separate identity has bled into every area of your life, creating a baseline of suffering. There is nothing pessimistic about this. We have chosen this. This is the great web we weave and the purpose of our existence ~ to unravel this web into perfection.

And the profundity of the honesty that is required is testament to the fact that through this honesty ~ which penetrates all layers of self-protection ~ there is the coming face to face with the deep loss of everything that you cling to and the deep pain of every wound you harbour. This honesty removes the option of all hiding and running and reveals that which is vital to be seen for Truth to happen.

So be honest, and SEE that there is much within (and without) that is waiting to be brought into a MUCH greater alignment.

3. Responsibility

In the Grand Scheme of Reality, you are the Great Web Weaver of your experience. This recognition requires a quantum leap from personal perception, where you perceive that things just happen to you, to God Perception, where you recognise that every move in this game of God ~ even the apparent atrocities ~ have been designed to further evolve and open you.

KNOW that everything that ever happened to you was created by You. There are no mistakes or accidents. You ARE the creator. This does not mean berating yourself for horror and devastation. No. This is about owning your pain and not buying into blame or victim stories. Every challenge we receive is a gift in the form of carefully crafted lessons placed at the core of all experience.

This is about knowing that you have the Power to respond accordingly and that you are literally response-able. It means acknowledging the pain and negativity you carry, holding it in your Heart, and daring to look. It means no longer lapsing into avoidance, denial, or blame, and it means no longer running away from that which haunts you. It means having the courage to walk into the darkness of your own psyche and taking responsibility for what you find there, because you alone can walk there, and you alone can bring it to the light.

4. Inquiry

You Are the Light. And it is the Light of your Honest Looking, fuelled by your Dedication to unveiling Truth across Everything, that initiates True Healing.

Become the eagle’s eye that catches even the slightest movement within. Know that your laser-like vision is sufficient to dissolve (when combined with surrender) that which it penetrates. Your Seeing ~ combined with dedication, complete honesty, and the full taking of responsibility ~ cannot be underestimated. You are the light bearer whose radiance shines through your conditioning leaving only transparency in its wake. Through thorough and passionate self investigation, you hold the power to deconstruct and dissolve everything you look upon.

And in the moment that you deeply acknowledge that which you look upon, a dual revelation unfolds ~ You are Not That which you look upon, You are That which looks. Deeply rest as the Spacious Awareness of all phenomena. Know that everything that rises is but a passing show, and You, as the One who Sees, remain utterly untouched.

5. Surrender

Give Way. Let Go. Dive Deep.   

It is the very act of Surrender, which is the letting go of everything that stands between you and Reality, which allows you to fall through every layer of the conditioned self.

This is not a simple step by step process. We are speaking of opening to pure Life Force. We are speaking of the great resolution and dissolution that opens you to God. This is your Life’s Work. Embrace it, and know that this is what you came here to do.

And as you pass through layer after layer ~ OPEN. Open your Mind, Open your Heart, Open your Gut. Open, Open, Open!

Your feeling system cannot be underestimated in this unveiling. EVERY thought, emotion, and sensation that continues to exist within your cellular memory does so, because when it needed to be felt, it was not. To Feel is to Release and to release is to return to Nature ~ to the Source.

True Surrender takes you deeply into the Heart of You. With the light of your Clear-Seeing, you can descend into dense matter without losing yourself to identification. Follow your inner-knowing into the dark places of your Soul to implode them at their very core. Refrain from taking a safe distance. Know that your witnessing can only uproot wounding from the very core when it merges completely with the feeling ~ not as an identification ~ but as a deep and conscious entering. Walk into the flames that blaze at the heart of the wound. Feel the burn.

To Surrender to Life is to Trust her, and this Trust is The Golden Thread that carries your unravelling into Realisation and Beyond. Life HerSelf wishes nothing more than to carry you into the utter perfection of HerSelf, untainted by ignorance. With all the winds in your sails pointing in her direction, she will carry you, carry you, carry you Home.


It is the Fusion of unswerving Dedication, with profound Honesty and radical Responsibility, combined with the Clarity of knowing You are That which Sees, and the complete Surrender into Life HerSelf, that enables the purification of Consciousness.

But the moment we enter into this embrace with any agenda to move away from pain or move towards pleasure (disguised as a desire for Healing) then not only do we miss the point (and the boat), but we actually move more deeply into the ignorance and confusion that gives birth to the need for that Healing in the first place.

True Healing does not start with any movement away from your present experience, even if that movement is dressed in the clothes of wanting to wake up (out of here). There is no True Healing without deeply entering and transmuting everything you are standing with as an individual.

This is not about self-improvement. This is about the dissolution of our perceived sense of identity to reveal our True nature. And no-one can tell you how to do this. It is divinely unique for each Soul. It can be pointed to and transmitted, but ultimately it requires You surrendering to Your Self, for the weave to be gracefully unwoven by Life Herself, as yourSelf.


Life was not born to be transcended. Her every move is guided by the intelligence and power required to unravel you from the Heart of your Individuality to the Heart of God. By Living your Life as Love for YourSelf, whilst standing in that blazing Dedication of Surrender, you invite the support of Creation to burn everything that stands between you and Reality.


And in your willingness to face the pain and the fear at the root of your person, Life will provide you with the exact situations you need to undo every layer that has risen on top of that, and then deeply into the core of that.

When every cell in you is vibrating with the same agreement, then you open yourself to the facilitation of all the forces in the Universe.


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